There are numerous events throughout the area during the year, here are just a few of them.

April: Okanagan Fest of Ale. 
May: Okanagan Spring Wine Festival. Farmers market every Saturday until September - Meadowlark Festival.
June: Peach City Beach Cruise, view over 600 antique cars -  Elvis Festival.
July: Ultraman Canada - GranFondo Axel Merckx Event
August: Peach Festival - Square Dance Festival - Challenge Triathlon
September: Dragon Boat Festival - Jass Festival
October: Fall Wine Festival - Oktoberfest
Peach City Beach Cruise

Chris Conner

Visit the 3 day Elvis Festival:
June 20th to 29th 2014
The Penticton Pacific Northwest Elvis Festival Society is a not-for-profit society whose main goal is to celebrate the life and music of the greatest entertainer ever known… Elvis Presley.

Fruit Harvest Dates
August 15 - October 30 Apricots July 20 - August 10 Cherries July 1 - August 1 Peaches July 25 - September 1 Pears August 15 - September 30 Prunes/Plums August 15 - September 10

Blackberries July - August Blueberries July - August Cantaloupe August 4 - First Frost Raspberries July - August Strawberries June - July Watermelon August - September

Asparagus May - June 15 Beans July onwards Beets July - September Broccoli June - September Sweet Corn August - September Cucumbers July - September Garlic July onwards Lettuce June onwards Peas June-July Peppers end July - first frost Hot Peppers early August - first frost Pumpkins September 10 - end October Radishes June onwards Tomatoes

Wine Festivals

Spring Wine Festival                               Fall Wine Festival
  May 1st  to 11th/2014                               October 3rd to 13th/2014

  Challenge Penticton